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The www.quick-wines.com  website is managed by WINE-TIME EUROPE.

We present below some very important themes that validate and ensure all the security and confidentiality of personal data of customers who visit us and record orders.

The Privacy Policy:

The current Privacy Policy includes personal data that clearly identify visitors who register via the registration form in order to carry out orders of articles.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

In www.wine-time.biz website we collect information whenever there is a voluntary registration from visitor. The information thus collected is individually identifiable (personal data). Once on the site, registered visitors are not anonymous to us.

We also collect information about the computer system used to access the site and the navigation performed by the visitor (registered or not), for various statistical purposes and marketing of the site:

Searches of the visited pages;

Searches of popular products;

Searches about the Access to promotions, contests or hobbies.

The data obtained in this way individually identifiable or not, serve only to decide sales strategies through the website does not jeopardize the privacy of every individual, anonymous or not.

On the website www.wine-time.biz we use personal data to:

1- Enable access to restricted areas of the site that only registered guests have access;

2- Customize content and advertising;

3- Meet the requests of registered visitors about products and services;

4- Tell registered visitors about products sold on the site, including by sending electronic newsletters;

5- Share and Disclosure Personal Data.

By considering that the information is individual and confidential, WINE-TIME EUROPE does not sell or give to third parties the personal data of registered visitors. These are only used in connection with the inherent services provided by the WINE-TIME EUROPE and always with the aim of improving the service provided to its clients.

WINE-TIME EUROPE will provide information about the personal data of registered visitors to other companies or people only when:

1- It has express permission from the registered visitors to do so;

2- This is necessary for WINE-TIME EUROPE in order to provide the products or services requested by the registered visitor. In this situation, the information provided is kept to a minimum so that it meets the service or to provide the product to the visitor. These companies are not permitted to use the personal data of registered visitors beyond the strictly necessary for fulfilling the requests of WINE-TIME EUROPE;

3- In response to legal notices, orders or litigation;

4- WINE-TIME EUROPE considers that the actions of registered visitors are violating the Terms of Use or any other guidelines for specific products or services.


The website www.wine-time.biz  does not use cookies process to manage information

Edit or Delete your Registry

The www.wine-time.biz website allows registered visitors to change their registration data when and wherever desired, also including the additional options, namely, to be informed about special offers and new products and services (electronic newsletters).

Please contact us thru www.wine-time.biz or info@wine-time.biz , or by telephone +351 21 362 4606 or by fax +351 21 362 4487

At any time the registered visitors may request termination of its registration in the www.wine-time.biz website by contacting us through the ways mentioned above. Your personal data will however be kept on file over a period of 30 days.

The availability of information about the personal data of the registered visitor is kept in our files after terminating your registration will be provided to you the same manner and by the same means described above.

The personal data stored in our computer system comply with all rules and laws in force in Portugal.


Your registration in www.wine-time.biz website is protected by a personal password which ensures privacy and security.

In some areas, the www.wine-time.biz website uses a coding and encryption system, commonly referred as SSL, to protect the data transmission.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

WINE-TIME EUROPE can rectify this policy at any time.

In case of significant changes being made ??on how to use the personal data of the registered visitors we will circulate an ad featured in our pages for 10 days or send an individual notice by electronic newsletter.

Questions or Suggestions

If you want to send us any suggestions or questions, you can do so by email to: info@wine-time.biz