Graves is the only Bordeaux region famous for both red and white wines. This white blend is predominantly made from Semillon with about 15% sauvignon to add fresh acidity and 5% Muscadelle for its floral quality. Matured in oak for 4 months.


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Extending Medoc, the Graves region includes Bordeaux and its surroundings. Limited to the west by the pine forest and the sea, and to the east by the Garonne river, its climate is very mild. This is the oldest wine region of Bordeaux. 


The vineyard takes its name from the quality of its soil. It is made up of rocky debris pulled into the mountains by the river and deposited by regular floods. The viticola quality of the land is partly due to the ease of its natural drainage, exposure, and the presence of these gravel ridges. 


To select the best wines used in the preparation of Sélection BPHR Graves Blanc, Baron Philippe de Rothschild created a partnership system with the denomination's producers. Each plot is therefore selected for its specific characteristics and then monitored throughout the year by Baron Philippe de Rothschild winemakers, always maintaining very high standards. 


The 2013 millessime was generally rainy and cold. It required Bordeaux wine producers a lot of subtlety and technology to successfully create a great wine. The aromatic potential of white grapes, including Sauvignon, has been interesting, thanks to a sunny August and early September. The musts revealed a pleasant and rich aroma as well as a good acidity needed for dry white wines. The presence in the field and the expertise of winemakers Baron Philippe de Rothschild has made it possible to optimize and guarantee a thousandth quality.


The grapes are destemmed and crushed, then squeezed and clarified. Alcoholic fermentation is performed at a controlled temperature (18-20 ° C) to maintain all fruit expression. The wines are aged in oxygen-protected barrels before bottling at the Vinicola Center. Every care is taken to preserve the aromas of the fruit and the typicality of the wine. 


Sélection BPHR Graves Blanc is made from a blend of Sémillon (77%) that offers a potent round wine from Sauvignon Blanc (19%) that gives freshness, fruit and floral aromas, and Muscadelle (2%) that brings pronounced aromatic character. TEST COLOR: Bright pale yellow with slight green. NOSE: The initially mineral nose opens with notes of fresh fruits and citrus (grapefruit) and yellow fruits (apricot). 

MOUTH: The attack marked by minerality is fresh and elegant. In the middle of the palate we found the complexity of the fruits of the nose: citrus fruits, boxwood and yellow fruits. The final is extended thanks to the minerality that extends the wine. Alc. 12.5% vol. Accompaniments Seafood, oysters, grilled fish, fried sole, salmon tartar, pasta with clams, St Jacques scallops with saffron. 

Temperature: 10-11 ° C

Sémillon (77%) Sauvignon Blanc (19%) Muscadelle (2%)
White Wine
Regional DOC
Seafood, oysters, grilled fish, fried sole, salmon tartare, pasta with clams