This is a great Rosé different from the “normal” rosés, with reserve characteristics, offering a reddish color and complex and complete aromas. In the mouth, a dry wine where you can notice a slight sweetness at the beginning that fades, giving way to milder flavors and with some persistence. It is perfect to accompany foods with different flavors such as Sushi, Mullets, salads, and being a gastronomic wine it should be served between 6ºC and 8ºC for maximum enjoyment and tasting.


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Joa Wine is not only made from centuries-old vineyards with more than twenty different grape varieties. It is the harsh winters and the merciless sun of the Alto Transmontano that, without giving a break to the land, compel it to free from shale the best they have to offer our grapes.
From the grapes to the only wine produced in this region, there is a distance between tradition and innovation. Between the knowledge of generations and the best oenological practices of the last generation.
Between the future and the memory preserved in the people of Aldeia de Parada: heart, cradle and soul of Casa do Joa.

It is for all these reasons that a JOA wine is much more than a wine. It is a living memory of this land and a genuine declaration of our Love on Alto.


- Centennial free-standing vineyards at an altitude of 800m above shale soil and large thermal amplitudes during the maturation phase


- Selection of about 20 different grape varieties

- Smooth grape crushing process

- Pre-maceration and skin maceration followed by bleeding

- Spontaneous fermentation in 500L French oak barrels

- Aging for 9 months in used French oak barrels

Alvarelhão, Bastardo, Chasselas Salsa, Cornifesto, D. Branca, Esgana Cão, Folgasão, Formosa, Gouveio, Jaen, Malvasia Preta, Mourisco Tinto, Siria, Tinta Amarela, Tinta Bairrada
Regional DOC
Vinho Regional Transmontano
Red Wine
Meat, Fish, Aperitif